Medika is a girl’s name of Aboriginal origin, meaning flower or new bloom. Medika Health was established in 2021 by Dr Pat and Dr Steve as a family owned and run General Practice clinic in Westminster, WA. The founders envisaged an independent, forward thinking, multi-disciplinary, holistic health offering for the local community, Perth and surrounds. 

At Medika we pride ourselves on providing excellent, modern, evidence driven preventative health and chronic disease management, with a non-judgemental, open and patient orientated approach. Our General Practitioners are experienced and highly trained in conventional medical care of mental health, paediatrics, chronic pain, addiction, skin cancer, injuries and general medical and surgical conditions.

A major pillar of Medika Health’s practice, our unique offering and passion, is plant-based medicine. We have experience managing several thousand patients, encompassing broad demographics in terms of age, conditions, and prior patient experience.

We are proud of our steady growth over the last year. We have added several health care providers including a practice nurse and a very well respected specialist myofascial headache practitioner. We look forward to further announcements in the near future.

Finally, as our patients immediately notice upon engaging with us, we have wonderful reception staff, who endeavour to make everyone feel welcome with a very professional and friendly service.

Please call to book in, or find us on health engine.